back to article SAP community suggestions for on-prem database canned as app giant looks cloudwards

In another sign that SAP is hellbent on migrating its customers to the cloud, the German ERP monster has scrapped community-based suggestions for updates to its on-prem in-memory database, HANA. An internal post to the SAP HANA Database Customer Influence Session (CIS) Community by Kathrin Henkel, project lead, early adopter …

  1. Duncan Macdonald Silver badge

    When a company ignores its customers

    - then its decline is inevitable. SAP has moved further into this position.

    Many of its customers cannot use the cloud due to legal reasons (GDPR etc) so this is likely to force many of those customers onto non-cloud alternatives to SAP.

    Also many (most?) SAP customers have significant custom modifications which SAP has already said will not be available in its cloud offering thereby making the SAP cloud even less attractive.

    Icon for SAP cloud future ================>

    1. JimboSmith Silver badge

      Re: When a company ignores its customers

      This is further indication that SAP users should adapt their working practices to SAP not the other way round.

      In reference to another product one of my colleagues said:

      "There should be a rule for any company that wants you to totally shift to using their products on the cloud. They should insure you against all GDPR violations caused by incursions/problems/issues/data losss with/from their systems."

      Sensible, but I've bet them it never happens.

    2. Robert2coffee

      Re: When a company ignores its customers

      > Many of its customers cannot use the cloud due to legal reasons (GDPR etc) s

      isnt SAP based in EU? I thought it is an issue only for US companies with servers in US. Or do you mean some want to store data without GDPR.

  2. Mike 137 Silver badge

    Re: When a company ignores its customers

    Ignoring customers seems to work for Microsoft and not a few others, but of course this might be a false impression due to inertia keeping things rolling despite ignoring customers. We'll never really find out what's going on behind the press releases until long afterwards.

  3. Porco Rosso

    Should be free

    Call me naïve but if SAP really want to migrate there customers base to there SAP-Cloud

    & take market share form others . Than shouldn’t the HANA DB be free if you migrate you’re MySAP, R3, SAP B1, etc to SAP Cloud?

    That they ask extra for there cloud customer who still wants to use there SQL-server, DB2, Oracle .. databases I can get it.

    But for me , moving to the SAP ERP in the cloud ... HANA DB should be free idem as OSX is free when you buy a Apple MAC. ( even with uprade etc )

  4. HildyJ Silver badge


    If you don't like the results, eliminate or curtail voting. It's a growing trend - SAP, Nominet, the GOP - the list goes on.

  5. cd

    A second padlock on the stable door?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is there a version of SAP HANA Cloud which will run in one of the secure government clouds?

    I know a number of Defence & Public Safety organisations (including the Bundeswehr & at least parts of the US Armed Forces IIRC) run SAP HANA, or even still R/3, who would be understandably quite concerned about transferring their business into an Unclassified cloud

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