back to article Samsung aims first 512GB DDR5 DRAM chip built on High-K/Metal Gate tech at HPC, AI markets

Samsung has unveiled its first DDR5 DRAM based on a High-K/Metal Gate (HKMG) process, debuting with a 512GB module aimed at the high-performance computing and AI markets. The DDR5 spec, which was finalised in mid-2020, allows for significantly higher capacity DIMMs and larger bandwidth than its predecessor. Samsung claimed its …

  1. Lorribot

    Thats crafty

    Not content with Exchange you get Hafnium in the RAM chips now

  2. druck Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Fully Stacked

    Hopefully this will greatly increase the amount of RAM which can be stacked on in a SOC (like on the M1), as well as increasing performance.

    1. Ciaran McHale

      Re: Fully Stacked

      Sod that. I want to see one of these in the next generation of Raspberry Pi. ;-)

    2. confused and dazed

      Re: Fully Stacked

      I don't think this will help much I'm afraid. As far as I understand the M1 memory is already TSV 4 Hi (8Gb or 16Gb) and this is then package-over-package onto the M1 itself. ie 2 packages of 4Hi stacks - albeit DDR4 interface.

      I guess they could move it to 8-Hi 16Gb like this to give 32GB, but I suspect costs might become prohibitive in terms of 8 stack yields ?

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