back to article Opera loses Touch with iOS app: Browser maker locks and loads the rebrandogun

Opera has pushed out an update for its iOS browser, dropping the "Touch" in Opera Touch to become just plain old Opera on iOS. The company is approaching the third anniversary of Touch although it has a longer history of browsing on the move: Mobile editions turned up more than 20 years ago for Psion devices followed by …

  1. Snake Silver badge

    Full fat diet

    "Requiring a scan of a QR code to link devices, the technology differs to synchronisation tools available elsewhere in the Chromium world, which normally require the manual creation of an account. It is, however, not the full-fat sync that some users crave."

    Or, some users avoid like the plague but, often, developers give us little choice to avoid. It's their cloud sync, granting their servers access to your entire history including passwords, or nothing at all (in terms of data backup) unless you use yet another third-party solution.

    Just wanted to say a "Thank You" for that, is all.

  2. petef

    Out of Touch

    I used Touch for many months on Android. Flow was neat but limited to a pair of devices. And now it is available in the main Opera for Android.

    The killer for me with Touch was the lack of password saving.

  3. Stuart Castle Silver badge

    As a Vivaldi user, I'd love to see a version for iOS, but it doesn't seem to exist.

  4. Hubert Cumberdale

    Is there even any point in using a different broswer on iOS

    when all of them are actually just a painted-over version of Safari?

    1. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

      Re: Is there even any point in using a different broswer on iOS

      No doubt their Store listing, as well as this article, describe alleged benefits of using Opera.

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