back to article Cherry on top: Dell shoves MX keyboard into its Alienware m15 R4 ultrabook

A keyboard can make or break a computer -- just ask Apple. On that note, Dell has partnered with German outfit Cherry to bring its mechanical Cherry MX keyswitches to its Alienware m15 R4 ultrabook. Cherry’s mechanical keyswitch designs are ubiquitous in mechanical keyboards – although a significant chunk are clones produced …

  1. lnLog


    More interesing is when mouser will start selling the new low profile switches...

  2. sbt

    bring its mechanical Cherry MX keyswitches to its Alienware m15 R4 ultrabook

    Seems like marketing BS to me; these keyswitches may be great or at least better than standard laptop keyboard switches, but misleading to say they're Cherry MX.

    Not sure why the makers of some of the larger form-factor laptops don't dedicate at bit more internal space to a full-throw keyboard, if there's the demand for it.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Because thin is all the rage these days

      All electronics makers are blindly following Apple, and Apple would dearly like to make a phone that is just 1mm thick, but that dang battery always gets in the way.

      Personally, I don't care about thin. What I want is a laptop that has power and all the ports I can possibly ever need, plus a BluRay drive and space for another internal SSD. I want to be able to slot in 64GB of DDR5 as well, and have enough battery power for a marathon session of Lord of The Rings viewing.

      So yeah, thin is not going to cut it for me.

      1. naive

        Re: Because thin is all the rage these days

        That is really spot on, this idiotic trend to make things thin leaves end users with machines which are constantly on the verge of overheating and incur unnecessary high repair bills because things are harder to fix when it is all cramped together.

        A good gaming laptop should have a case of two inches high, leaving enough space for decent connectors, heat dissipation, easy replaceable battery and keyboard.

        But unfortunately, these ideas is the equivalent of rowing against the stream of moronic designs in the laptop world, all designed so these things get tossed in the trash after 3-4 years.

  3. JDPower Bronze badge

    I get that they make for a nicer typing feel, but why is the racket they make so desirable? It'd drive me flaming mad.


      I use an 80's Model M with open back headphones, and when I'm doing stuff I can hear the clack just enough to know I've just done actuated the key. It doesn't bother me, and the fact that it's loud and boisterous helps audibly describe its monsterous durability and girth to anyone within earshot.

      1. SleepGuy

        dat girth tho!

    2. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Eh, I have a Model M, and in the days of Zoom/Skype it's annoying, but it's how the thing works and I put up with it.

      Kind of like expecting a steam loco to be quiet.

      Considering I've never had RSI while my colleagues are dropping like flies, I don't mind.


        Mine is still the most comfortable keyboard I've ever used. My hands never hurt while typing.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      why is the racket they make so desirable?

      So that everyone knows who writes all the damn code around here

  4. Tomato Krill

    Someone enlighten me but doesn’t the new design sound a little like the Ill-fated MacBook effort referred to in the article?


      No, it's DeLorean, not butterfly.

      Pizza, frenchfry.

    2. Amentheist

      Hm yes they don't sound great but there are other important factors contributing to the sound, the plastic used for the caps and the rest of the keyboard components. That's why for example PBT keycaps in a solid aluminium chassis (and other high grade internals) in, say, a vortex keyboard will always sound much better.

      This one's not plastic though to be fair, it seems.


        I think OP meant "sounds like" as the idea/concept shares similarities to Apple's butterfly switches, not how it actually sounds when you go clicketty-clack.

  5. Gene Cash Silver badge

    Unique features

    I wish there was a way to get feedback to manufacturers... like "I bought your absurdly expensive laptop solely because of the keyboard" to encourage them to keep that feature around.

    Now, it's not going to sell because of the price, and Dell is going to go "oh well, people don't want decent keyboards"

  6. Vin

    Dream keyboard

    Slightly off topic, but I’m still awaiting my dream keyboard.

    I’ve been using Microsoft Natural (ergonomic) keyboards since the late 90s.

    I’ve loved them all, except for the horrible, spongy black 4000 model.

    Currently I use a grey, Surface (natural) keyboard on my workstation. Not sure what switches it uses, but it feels nice to type on.


    There’s no backlight. What I’d love to be able to buy is a Microsoft Natural shape keyboard, with a backlight, and mechanical keys, plus to have a cabled option (or even the option to use it wired, or wireless)

    I actually write this in the hope someone will respond “what, you mean one of these?”

    I’d be prepared to pay a fair amount, for this Natural shape, mechanical keyboard, with backlight, and preferably with a wired option.

    “A keyboard? How quaint! Hello, computer!”

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Dream keyboard

      You want to look into the Alice style of custom mechanical keyboards, you can get them with backlighting and per switch RGB. Be warned, custom mechanical keyboards are a very deep rabbit hole.

  7. Kurt 5

    Brown or Blue

    Red is nice but linear. The best feel IMHO is brown/blue.

  8. sysconfig

    Interesting exchange rate...

    The machine itself starts at £2,049 ($1,799.99 Stateside) for the base configuration

    They're taking the piss aren't they?


      Re: Interesting exchange rate...

      You could buy a used car for that price.

      In fact, the car I'm driving now cost me $200 more. No joke.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Interesting exchange rate...

      No it is the usual nonsense of UK£ inc VAT and US$ not inc sales tax as every state and some cities/Counties charge different amounts.

  9. Steve Crook

    Desktop keyboard

    The laptop is a bit pricey but I'd be interested to try them out in a TKL keyboard for desktop use. Might make for something small, light and low profile and ideal to stuff in a bag.

    1. BGatez

      Re: Desktop keyboard

      "Light" is not the point, heavy stays in place

  10. big_D Silver badge

    Inspired by Delorian

    "was purportedly inspired by the DeLorean car."

    Hmm, so there is cocaine in the trunk? Hopefully it is well packaged otherwise it could cause a snow storm when the fans spin up... Although that might make a good distribution method, saving all that time rolling up bills and separating stripes with a razor on a mirror.

  11. This post has been deleted by its author

  12. Wyrdness

    FTA: The mechanism consists of two opposite-facing “wings,”

    These "wings" - they wouldn't happen to resemble a butterfly, would they?

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