back to article AWS acknowledges that deploying to its cloud is too hard for .NET developers – so here is a tool to automate it

Amazon Web Services has previewed an "opinionated deployment tool for .NET" as part of its pitch to attract .NET developers to its cloud services. According to AWS software engineers Norm Johanson (who represents AWS on the .NET Foundation) and Philip Pittle, .NET developers struggle with questions like "what's the right …

  1. iron Silver badge

    > The code for the deployment tool is on GitHub and depends on Node.js,

    And that is why it fails. You know I have .Net on my machine so you should have written the tool in c#. I'm not about to install node,js just for a command line deployment tool. It also restricts the chance of open source contributions from the people using the app.

  2. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Deployment is a piece of cake

    Let me know when Amazon's burst rates and IAM are easy to understand.

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