back to article UK carriers open their wallets as regulator Ofcom doles out more slabs of 5G spectrum

Ofcom today wrapped up bidding on its 5G spectrum auction, which made 200MHz of mid and low-band spectrum available to carriers, raising the total amount of mobile spectrum by 18 per cent. In total, the combined bids reached £1.35bn – or roughly 1/16th of a test-and-trace programme. BT's EE splashed the most cash and …

  1. Ken Rennoldson

    Another Reg Standard?

    Is there a case for adding Test and Trace to the Reg Standards. Either directly in the Money Category or create a new "Waste of Money" category. So a Dominic Cummings pay rise would be about 0.0000013 of a Test and Trace.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    These airwaves will help improve coverage for the mobile services people use today, as well as supporting the UK’s position as a world leader in 5G." Unquote.

    Maybe at one time we used to be a world leader in 5g until our lickspittle government sold out to the yanks and dumped that Chinese company whose name I cannot spell. But then, what did people expect. After all, Boris IS a yank.

    You could not make this up could you. Now it's down to Erricson and Nokia to supply the needed 5g gear. Two companies that gave up on making telephones. You know, the things that will be needed to use 5g. Maybe the up and coming player (Samsung) could step in?

    End of whinge and Thank You for reading this

    1. Terry Barnes

      Re: Quote

      What relevance is the manufacture of end user devices? Nokia and Ericsson are two of the leading manufacturers of cellular networks in the world and have been since the dawn of mobile networks.

      Motorola was the third big name, but they are now part of Nokia, along with Siemens.

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

      1. Martin Summers Silver badge

        Re: Quote

        "My burning question is what are people using 5G for?"

        Easy: Speed tests

    3. JimboSmith Silver badge

      Re: Quote

      My burning question is what are people using the blistering 5G speeds for? I know Kevin Bacon has suggested in the past downloading a box set etc. I'm not a massive user of mobile data though I'll happily admit. I normally download anything I want to watch or listen to before going out. I know some content can't be downloaded and has to be streamed. I'm just curioud what are people doing with it? Are people gaming for example?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    or roughly 1/16th of a test-and-trace programme.

    I applaud this new, brilliant unit of measurements to rate any large budget against uk-gov-large-scale-fuckups. Perhaps in some combination (gimme a formula!) with kH (kilohancocks), gG (gigagreylings) and tH (teraherdings), and, I dunno, this one goes off the scales, hard to measure, cause he hides behind all the above culprits... uB, uberjohnson?

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