back to article AWS throws its home-grown Arm CPUs at new memory-intensive instance type

Amazon has found a new use for its home-grown Graviton2 processors – powering a new EC2 instance type optimised for plenty of memory. The new EC2 X2gd instance type is intended to run databases – including in-memory databases – analytics, caching, or anything else that prefers swimming in deep pools of RAM. Available RAM in …


    type of ram ?

    not all RAM is created equal...

    How fast is read time and write time for not cached entry ?

    How much cache does core have and what is the hit rate ?

    Does storage detect Errors ?

  2. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    If these CPU's are so great

    why not sell them on the open market?

    I know that you (amazon) want everyone to move to your cloud but you have to accept that not all workloads can be put in the cloud. At least selling them to us mere mortals would give you some (quite a lot IMHO) return on your investment outside of your AWS business line.

    Then again, the naughty boys (and gals) might find the security holes in the raw silicon that you'd rather not be exposed.

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