back to article Chinese government yanks Alibaba’s browser from Chinese app stores

Beijing has pulled Alibaba’s UC Browser from Chinese app stores amid accusations of unfair play and a government crackdown on tech. UC Browser is made by Chinese mobile Internet company UCWeb, a subsidiary of Alibaba, that on a state-owned TV channel was accused of luring users away from their intended online search target by …

  1. Sgt_Oddball Silver badge

    It'll be interesting to see

    How far/long this keeps up, having a government clip the powers and reach of a tech company.

    Seems like the Chinese are skipping the usual long, drawn out process (see Bell/M$ anti-trust breakups) and just telling them do it or else.

    Not that I'm saying a heavy handed approach is the right way, but when they're making billionaires able to influence people's choices on a local level then you have to wonder if they've gone too far (or tell us plebs that we're over whatever uncomfortable issue we want blood over this week*).

    Popcorn maybe required to see how this plays out.

    * I wonder if its intentional? Keep us constantly pissed off with some new cockup, that we stop hounding them over a previous one and just forget how badly we've been treated by a constant barrage of bad news?

  2. naive

    Maybe we should be jealous of the Chinese approach towards Big Tech

    Since we, in the not so free West, are staring like helpless rabbits in the eyes of vicious data and privacy predators like Alphabet, Facebook, Apple, MS and others for years now, because it is "not possible" to do anything to curb their God like powers.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: Maybe we should be jealous of the Chinese approach towards Big Tech

      Trouble is if you are 2.5th world country trying to turn into a 1st world country by developing all your own technology - and you start doing the 4am knock on the door of any successful tech.

      You start to get nobody going into tech, or all your tech people suddenly going on holiday to California and forgetting to go home.

  3. CrackedNoggin


    E-commerce is also facing increased regulation in the Middle Kingdom, with exclusive deals between vendors and merchants banned, and penalties for merchants using competitor platforms introduced from May this year.


    From May of this year new Middle Kingdom E-commerce regulations will ban such non-competitive strategies as exclusive deals between vendors and merchants, and penalties for merchants using competitor platforms.

    I know I'm slow but it took me a second to correctly attribute who was giving out the penalties.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    China would have actually broken up the Windows/Office illegal monopoloy that stifles competition to this day.

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