back to article US Office of National Intelligence says Russia, Iran tried to mess with 2020 elections, China sat it out

The USA’s Office of National Intelligence today released its previously classified assessment of “Foreign Threats to the 2020 US Federal Elections” and found “some successful compromises of state and local government networks prior to Election Day—as well as a higher volume of unsuccessful attempts”. But those efforts were “ …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Rudy Giuliani met with a Russian military intelligence office FFS

    A big DUH to the article. It was not like any of those Republicans were/are in any doubt about who the big boss was., when they kept making incognito trips to Vienna and not so incognito trips to Moscow on the 4th of July.

    A country is weak when it is divided. Republicans have chosen a path where they don't try to win the majority, they try to divide the majority. Set group against group. They try to ensure that only their group can vote freely. Set partisan obstacles to voting, suppress votes in large cities, ensure working people have to lose work days to be allowed to vote, removing ballot drop location, disallowing student ids to stop students voting, reduce voting locations to create 10 hour lines in Democrat districts, block voting by mail, block early voting, make it as difficult for people with jobs and families to vote, groups that tend to favor Democrats and as easy for wealthy and old to vote.

    This is the core problem. As long as you can win an election with a tiny minority in a system rigged to favor that minority, the US is vulnerable to takeover.

    Don't kid yourself that Republicans will defend America, they will sell it out for power, faster than they abort their mistresses baby. All those voter suppression tricks the Republicans attempted, they're now trying to put into State law.

    Did Russia hack Texas paperless voting machines? No. They might have written the software to do it, but Republicans do the rigging there, just as they did the voter suppression, and the final attempt to simply overturn the election using the Republican Supreme Clown Possy.

    And they'll make the USA vulnerable to takeover, and Putin will simply try again with the next one.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Rudy Giuliani met with a Russian military intelligence office FFS

      Blame republicans for division.

      I think you'll find democrats are equally to blame. Until the USA accepts that nobody is blameless the country will remain ever more divided. There's collective blame on both sides.

      Neither side has clean, blood free hands but you're too damn busy trying to wipe it off on the jacket of the hated person opposite.

      Meanwhile Russia, China and all your other little enemies sit eating popcorn enjoying the show.

      Either stop the blame game and grow up or face generations of riots, damage, screaming matches while the country eats itself over what is frankly stuff that can be discussed by sane adults.

      Anon because - well I dont' want both sides after me.

    2. David Shaw

      Glenn Greenwald refutes much of the contents of this article

      So whilst this (and many similar articles in the wider press) might be correct, a narrative expert posits that it’s just another nudge.

      Worth reading here:

      “Journalists, Illustrating How They Operate, Yesterday Spread a Significant Lie All Over Twitter

      Eager to obtain vindication for the pre-election falsehood they spread about the Hunter Biden story, journalists falsely claim that the CIA blamed Russia for it”

      Information war continues, it’s important to continue to read widely and make up your own informed mind

  2. P. Lee

    News at Ten

    Administration of new president says election was totally legit while installing massive fortifications around his office and putting tens of thousands of troops between himself and his adoring supporters.

    China does nothing since multinational companies with manufacturing bases in China don’t need to be asked - they know where their interests lie.

    Also, media companies supporting him (who happen to get income from aforesaid multinationals) put no credence in photographs of his family doing drugs with hookers.

    So that’s fine.

    And yes, when we’re talking about a country which runs concentration camps, I’m for division, not unity.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: News at Ten

      Oh give it a rest. You lost. Stop crying and stop parroting sub Q rubbish. I'll take your drugs with hookers and raise you defecating in a hotel bed room.

      Oh sorry Vlad, didn't realise that was you. Please don't send the Cathedral sightseer's round. It's just a parish church. Not worth the trip...really.....

    2. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: News at Ten

      >when we’re talking about a country which runs concentration camps, I’m for division, not unity.

      We all know what the responde will be - tougher sanctions on Cuba

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: News at Ten

      What a load of twaddle! What substances are you on?

  3. Santa from Exeter

    Important Distinction

    'The document offers five key judgements, the first being that no foreign actor “attempted to alter any technical aspect of the voting process in the 2020 US elections, including voter registration , casting ballots, vote tabulation , or reporting results.” '

    Nothing in there about Local actors then?

    1. Jim Mitchell

      Re: Important Distinction

      I'm pretty sure some "local" actor did try to alter the reporting results in Georgia. We have the calls on tape!

      1. John Carter

        Re: Important Distinction

        Ooops, come to find out, the quotes in the newspapers didn't happen: Fake News.

  4. batfink


    Gotta watch them Venezuelans...

  5. DS999 Silver badge

    So far there is only ONE publicly known investigation into election interference

    In Georgia. The subject of that investigation is one Donald J. Trump. May he rot in jail after he's hopefully found guilty!

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