back to article Xiaomi a comeback story: Mobile firm's stock up 10% after it slides off US blacklist

Stocks in Beijing-based electronics outfit Xiaomi leapt today after the firm was given a preliminary injunction removing it from a Trump-era US blacklist targeting "Communist Chinese Military Companies" (CCMC). The manufacturer of smartphones, tablets, laptops and more, yesterday deposited a statement on Twitter to celebrate …

  1. AndyS

    Good news

    Glad to see some of the idiocy of the Trump administration reversed and an order of sanity restored.

    My comment on the article announcing this ban:

    "if they've any sense (which they've proved they do - when compared to the toddlers who've been running the US), they'll simply wait out until the idiots leave the Whitehouse, and start negotiating with adults instead."

    Seems that's exactly what they did. Good on them.

  2. DXMage

    Seems we have a CCP shill.

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