back to article Rip-and-replace mandates, sanctions.... all that and Huawei's share of telecoms market actually grew last year

The global market for telecoms equipment grew 7 per cent during 2020, according to an analyst report, in a year marked by an increased dependence on Internet connectivity and widespread 5G deployments. US network and telco kit-watcher Dell Oro estimated the combined market for telecoms equipment to be in the region of $90bn …

  1. martinusher Silver badge

    Politiicans versus supply chain reality

    The Huawei bans were instgated by politicians at the behest of industry competitors who needed to slow down the runaway success of a company that had actually invested for the future. While I don't like effective monopolies -- and, anyway, I spent a lot of my working life in this field so I've had vested interest in keeping my work local -- the contrast between companies that make stuff versus companies that are primarily financial operations with a bit of technology on the side is stark. Short term fintech delivers the profits but the relentless cost cutting that goes with its 'pay it forward' mindset eventually loses out.

    1. CrackedNoggin

      Re: Politiicans versus supply chain reality

      Yes, and ability to control the market without controlling the supply is limited.

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