back to article India's Big Four services champions want to become software vendors

India’s outsourcers grew and grew by working on other peoples’ software. Whether it was cutting bespoke code for the world, or making SAP and Oracle applications sing, Indian companies have collectively made a case that they belong on every services-centric shopping list for the last two decades. It’s worked brilliantly. The …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    >They sure know how to code.

    You're two weeks early lads.

    1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      sure know how to code

      Don't you mean

      Sure know how to cut/paste from sites like Stackoverflow?

      Either way, it brightened up my Monday no end.

      1. FIA Silver badge

        Re: sure know how to code

        Lets be fair, that could be applied to quite a lot of developers, everywhere.

        We've all worked with them. (probably some of us are them. ;) )

        If you outsource primerally for reasons of cost you'll get code of commensurate quality.

        However the outsourcing market has you covered, they'll happily do cheap/lots of bodies/a bit rubbish all the way through to high quality, written by competent experts but expensive.

        That's why the market has grown so much, and lasted so long. 'Outsourcing to india' was a thing 20 years ago. The prejudices and broad sweeping statements haven't really changed much in those years, not nearly as much as the industry itself.

        Also, there's now quite a lot of experience about how to write business software as they've worked on most of it. :)

        I suspect a lot of traditional software companies might start to worry.

  2. czechitout

    I had a very brief stint working for one of these companies. Their in-house built internal systems were shocking. Unless their quality has taken a remarkable turn for the better, I can only assume they are relying on their clients not bothering to go out to the market and simply buying what these companies are offering.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh f*ing hell thats all we need

    Half arsed income generation by barely competent consultants designed to dazzle upper management into saying its all fantastic when on the floor the in-house people are holding everything together like Toby Maguire in Spiderman 2.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dear PHB,

    Your software license renewal has been processes. You were overcharged $10000. If I don't get the money back, I will be fired! Please can you purchase 20 x $500 gift cards and give me the numbers so I can give the company back it's money......

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