back to article Biden administration reveals probe into government security has found holes, wants more private sector collaboration as the cure

The Biden administration has outlined its plan to address US government security in the wake of attacks on SolarWinds' Orion platform and Microsoft Exchange, with closer private sector collaboration the centerpiece of its response. The administration revealed its plans in a transcript of phone briefing call staged between …

  1. sitta_europea Silver badge


    "We’re in week three of a four-week remediation across the federal government," the speaker said. "The compromised agencies all were tasked to do a particular set of activities and then were tasked to have an independent review of their work to ensure that we felt confident the adversary had been eradicated."

    Clarity of thought is essential to this effort.

    This is clearly not it.

    The adversary will never be eradicated.

    1. CrackedNoggin

      ... never in the forseeable future.

    2. ThatOne Silver badge

      Come on, you know the important thing isn't to do something, but to be seen doing something...

      1. DiViDeD

        Re: to be seen doing something

        In Sir Humphrey's immortal words:

        The government must do something

        This is something

        therefore, the government is doing something

    3. Throatwarbler Mangrove Silver badge

      See icon.

    4. Anonymous Coward

      Adversary was the wrong word. The four week effort is directed at the current breach.

      But clearly the Administration recognizes this and is trying to do something more going forward.

      It's a breath of fresh air from the previous regime which cut security funds and seemed to view voters as the adversary.

  2. Claverhouse Silver badge

    A New Dawn

    Well, at least we can be sure Mr. Biden will not use this as an opportunity to throw money at the usual suspects.

  3. beep54


    to even imagine the Trump administration even beginning to fathom doing this.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Throw money

    He should ask his buddy Winnie the Pooh what he likes in his honeypot. :P

    1. Throatwarbler Mangrove Silver badge

      Re: Throw money

      Right-wing talking points are the stupidest talking points.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Throw money

        I don't buy into the two corruption parties. But I do love to mock them, which you just identified yourself as. How's it feel to keep the two ruling parties in power and still be their fodder?

  5. Pseu Donyme

    A related thought

    A rating scheme won't do much good where there is no competition; a sore lack thereof with Windows on the desktop. An idea to remedy that to some extent would be a requirement that government systems must run on other platforms as well, where the government could do itself and - even more importantly - others a favor by boosting Linux (the OS itself and - importantly - applications running under it) by such a requirement. Since there are already distros with commercial support this wouldn't necessarily need much else. With mobile devices, however, a relative pittance of money directed in the way of an alternate Android distribution (such as LineageOS) would go a long way (with a stipulation that any devices bought with government funds must be flashable with an alternate). Also, the EU would be well advised (actually, moreso than the US) to take this sort of a scheme under consideration (as it has been demonstrated that US technology can be withdrawn at the whim of a US president: see China / Huawei & others).

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