back to article The great Microsoft cull continues as paid content set to be stripped from Business and Education Store

Axe-happy Redmond has set the clock ticking on paid apps from its moribund Microsoft Store for Business and Education. The changes will be imposed from 14 April and the software giant has also demanded that an Azure Active Directory account be used for browsing – no more anonymous nosing. A wander through the support sections …

  1. Mike 137 Silver badge

    How generous!

    MS "confirmed that [...] users who had already bought a paid app could continue to use it"

    1. ecofeco Silver badge

      Re: How generous!

      American corporations are weird that way. Even though you bought and paid full price for something, they still think they own it.

      In other words, larceny.

  2. gobaskof Bronze badge

    Ah, Azure active directory. Our university IT decided to follow Microsofts advice of pushing it onto all working computers including staff and student laptops. But instead of telling students "THIS WILL DELETE YOUR PROFILE, ALL SETTINGS, ALL SOFTWARE SETTINGS, ANY DATA YOU DO NOT MIGRATE ON OUR CALL" they just put out the Microsoft advertising about how great the new features would be. I now know lots of students and staff who backed up "core" data, but have lost access to software until the can get new licence keys, lost cached data for weeks worth of simulations, all the stuff you don't do when you are asked to "back up essential data".

    Of course this is our incompetent IT department not Microsoft. But I wonder how much was driven by Microsoft trying to force everyone onto Azure Active Directory. Day one of getting my machine I wiped the hard drive, put Linux on it, and told them that they can send bailiffs or fire me if they want control back. I don't have time for their "support", I have work to do.

  3. Dwarf Silver badge


    Now do the same for the pointless "store" on Windows 10.

    I don't want to be forced to install the software you want to push in the way you want to push it.

    I don't want the silly install for specific users, I want it across the whole machine for all of my family to use.

    I'll go to the vendors and get it direct from them. Many are now making it hard to get the normal downloads.

    This means that its hard to take backup copies for future re-installing.

    1. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Re: Good

      > This means that its hard to take backup copies for future re-installing.

      Well, that's the point! You should buy it again if you need to reinstall it!

    2. Dave K Silver badge

      Re: Good

      It's a step in the right direction. Slowly but surely we are seeing MS moving away from UWP thankfully. Within the last week they've also confirmed that 3D Paint will be stripped from the core of Win 10 (although it'll remain available through the store for now).

      I do wonder if part of the general shunning of apps like these is because of how crap they look. Microsoft really went out of their way to make sure that UWP would be as flat, lifeless and bland as possible. I haven't found a single UWP app so far that I'd consider to be pleasing to look at, and the fact that you often have a row of monochrome and minimalist icons for things without any text (at least in earlier versions) also means that they're not actually that user-friendly either.

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