back to article The first rule of ERP? Don't talk about ERP: App-maker IFS reckons market has moved on

Middleweight enterprise application provider IFS is launching a cloud platform and rebuilding its applications. Just don't expect to find a standalone ERP product in there. Despite attracting customers including military and construction biz Babcock, global booze vendor Carlsberg, and electronics giant Panasonic, IFS has sat …

  1. Andrew Williams


    A mish-mash... of UI, based on a mish-mash of code based on a.... epic

  2. The Original Steve

    Interesting and interested...

    Whilst I'm sure there's a lot of marketing BS here as is the way with any ERP (or any vendor at all!) vendor announcement, if they can walk-the-walk it actually sounds surprisingly sensible and A Good Idea.

    Devil is in the detail naturally... Having worked with IFS it's very Oracle dependant making it obscenely expensive once you have a typical Oracle DBA at the helm and insists on using Oracle Forms and their middleware for anything not included in the box.

    Get IFS to use some cloud native elements such as Azure SQL DB or Azure SQL Managed Instance and it could be rather compelling.

    It's an industry that needs a bloody good shake up. Having a smaller / "middleweight" give it a go should be applauded IMHO.

    1. SecretSonOfHG

      Re: Interesting and interested...

      Exactly my thoughts, the only thing that they're missing is basing its solution on a robust, scalable and open source DB engine (Postgres?) Make that happen and they'll start to see a flood of SAP/Oracle refugees knocking at their doors.

  3. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    I thought the entire point of ERP was end-to-end business process.

  4. aldolo

    want to get rid of your erp?

    good luck in developing your very own end to end process. in SAP ERP a new process could be implemented in days. try the same from a blank page.

  5. JSIM

    'ERP often failed and soaked up a lot of money'

    No kidding.

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