back to article Fear the Walking Edge: Desktop support pulled, but legacy browser lingers on in Surface Hub, Xbox, HoloLens

Microsoft users are striding into a bright, new, legacy Edge-less future: unless they're using the Surface Hub, HoloLens or Xbox. The ninth of March marked the day Microsoft chose to end its adventures in homegrown browsers: the old Edge is dead, long live the new Edge... in desktop form, that is. April's cumulative update …

  1. beep54


    did anyone ever use this? And why?

    1. Hubert Cumberdale Silver badge

      Re: edge

      Yes – the old and less technically aware. Why? They were tricked into it by MS. I set up an elderly relative with FF, and I came back some time later to find them using Edge! How? Maybe at least partly because this. But also because of MS throat-ramming.

      1. karlkarl Silver badge

        Re: edge

        Yep, these kinds of clever little hacks to misguide people. The biggest one I saw was Microsoft naming their up and coming Java clone called "Microsoft COOL" to C# to trick beginners into learning the wrong language.

        Of course, C and C++ are open standards so there was no commercial company behind them to defend the name as a trademark.

        They kind of did similar to VB6 -> VB.NET. Completely different languages. But a great way to avoid telling the world that they killed Visual Basic.

    2. sabroni Silver badge

      Re: did anyone ever use this? And why?

      Your Windows 10 install comes with IE and Edge.

      Which would you choose to download Firefox with?

    3. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

      Re: edge

      Yes, because I want my Presto powered browser back >_< and I am now lazy (Although Firefox is installed as a secondary browser).

    4. Kubla Cant

      Re: edge

      It seems that every time there's a software update it includes some feature that nags you to use Edge. It's the default application for reading PDFs. (Which reminds me of the way IE used to pose as the default application for editing XML - something it was incapable of.)

      Microsoft applications have a sneaky habit of ignoring default browser settings. For example, if you want to know more about one of the attractive landscapes displayed on the Windows 10 lock screen, and you're unwise enough to click the link, you'll see the result is displayed in Edge, even though my default browser is Firefox, and takes you to Bing, the search engine for people who prefer not to find things.

  2. firey

    Are they going to fix the start menu's "search"?

    While my primary browser is Firefox I do have some uses for the (new) Edge browser.

    Why under Windows 10 when I hit the windows key, then start typing the letters E D G it suggests the Edge program, but if I type a 2nd E, spelling "edge", that option disappears & Windows no longers seems to know it has that installed?

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