Possible superconductor discovery

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    Possible superconductor discovery

    Hi, now I don't want to get people's hopes up but..

    It looks like my research is potentially going somewhere.

    Is anyone here familiar with IISC and their claimed gold/silver nanoparticle material?

    Seems they weren't wrong after all.

    I've now established not only a plausible theory for how a normally good conductor can

    superconduct well above 273.15K but that its possible to easily examine materials

    in bulk which up until now was deemed impossible.

    Its actually quite simple really, looking at the basic physics of how OLED panels work

    gave me the inspiration and then it was just a matter of finding the right combination

    of materials.

    Turns out that multiple processes are needed but the starting materials only need to

    be moderately pure and not contain iron, nickel etc.

    Ir is indeed the secret and I am in the process of making a larger sample.

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