back to article Vodafone on mega Euro masts biz: From our Vantage point, we want €2bn+ from towers IPO

The Vodafone Group told the market today it hopes to raise between €2bn and €2.8bn from the planned IPO of its infrastructure business, Vantage Towers. Additionally, the mobile operator outlined its price range for the initial public listing, with the Vodafone Group aiming for between €22.50 and €29 per share. This would imply …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And who is ultimately going to pay for this? Us poor schmucks, that's who. Well do so through network charges probably even more price gouging than they already are. Specifically, anyone making a call from, or to, a phone relying on whoever it is using that infrastructure.

    Mutter mutter, money grubbing bastards, mutter, mutter

    1. NeilPost Silver badge

      I can’t see how this benefits anyone - as the new towers businesses will be heavily debt-laden from the get go.

      Perhaps if they needed investment money Voda should have given less of it’s Verizon stake sale mega bounty back to shareholders. They could have use some it it to sort out their diabolical billing system and customer service woes .... leading to virtuous circle-like customer retention.

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