back to article 'Major update': Microsoft snips the life support lines for its Delve mobile apps

Microsoft issued a reminder during its Ignite shindig this week that for every shiny new service it launches, it nudges an older one aside once the lustre has worn off. The latest knife being plunged into the Microsoft 365 information management service is the pulling of the Delve mobile apps from the App Store and Google Play …

  1. Phil Kingston


    I only recently discovered Delve and how useful it is.

    The march of progress has left me behind it seems.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Bugger

      I didn't know what Delve was and didn't want to waste time finding out.

      It was just yet another in a long line of meaningless names and icons available on my work's Office 365 dashboard. If MS is not even going to tell me what it does and isn't going to push everyone into it (e.g. Lync -> Skype for Business -> Teams), why would I waste the time finding out? I've got work to do.

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