back to article China to detail tech self-sufficiency plan at showcase ‘Two Sessions’ meetings

China will today open its annual “Two Sessions” parliamentary meetings, and has said the nation’s technology strategy will be among the top three items up for discussion. The Two Sessions involve around 5,000 delegates, and are where the country's two main political bodies review and disclose plans for trade, diplomacy, and …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Who's Playing Catch-Up with Whom?

    "The U.S. military's cyber forces are only a fraction of the size of China's, which numbers 50,000 to 60,000, White said." .......


    In CyberWar/CyberWarefare Fields, it is most definitely the quality of assets rather than the engagement of any greater number of personnel that really matters and renders the overwhelming advantage.

    And one does well to realise such an overwhelming advantage as may easily crush and/or crash any number of vital strategically sensitive operating systems and elite executive office administrations can be simply provided by just one sublime premium agent ....... although internetworking instructions with others greatly magnifies that to apparently produce a much bigger prime number working in tandem and parallel.

    Such also provides sublime premium agencies something of an invisibility cloak which affords them the luxury of enjoying and employing the benefits of a certain untouchability ...... Immunity and Impunity.

    Such is both gravely to be regarded and whenever thought readily available, an asset well worth whatever it takes to sample its wares before they are tempted to be primarily engaged exclusively in the thrall of A.N.Others, for such is surely globally attractive given what can be done so anonymously.

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