back to article Japanese bank botched data migration, which somehow turned its ATMs into card-eating monsters

Japan’s Mizuho Bank has apologised after data migration work turned its ATMs into card-eating monsters, prevented customers from withdrawing their cash and impacted online banking. “The system malfunction that occurred on Sunday morning, February 28, was found to be caused by a failure in the data migration work for time …

  1. Jim Mitchell

    Some banks here in the US still offer passbook accounts (assuming "passbook" means the same thing in the Japan as here). Alas, I don't think any still offer a toaster for opening an account.

  2. james 68

    Like a box of clowns being slowly immolated.

    Having lived in Japan for the past 6 years, I can state with utter confidence that the entire Japanese banking "system" is a complete shitshow.

    1. julian.smith

      Re: Like a box of clowns being slowly immolated.

      I also have years of experience with the Japanese banking "system" / clusterfuck.

      It's difficult to know where to begin.

      Moving small (< 5k USD) amounts of money (even in Yen) in or out is nearly impossible.

      If they manage to get the Olympics going (I'll take the under on that one) it will be an opportunity for the wider world to experience that Japan is not advanced in all areas.

      Visitors will find it difficult to comprehend that they cannot have a voice SIM (data SIM's are available)

      Nice country, nearly all very nice people - anything to do with government is unbelievably incompetent.

      1. Azamino

        Re: Like a box of clowns being slowly immolated.

        You are wholly right about the banks, I still remember the monthly ritual of loading my GAICA pre-payment card to then pay my rent because I was not trusted with a credit / debit card.

        But, yeah, leaving Japan still ranks as possibly the stupidest decision I ever made, and there's some tough competition for that distinction!

      2. Cranky_Yank

        Re: Like a box of clowns being slowly immolated.

        Do post office ATMs exist outside Japan?

        Japan Post Bank provides cash withdrawal services for credit cards and cash cards issued by overseas financial institutions.Cards bearing the VISA, VISAELECTRON, PLUS, Mastercard, Maestro, Cirrus, American Express, JCB, China Unionpay or DISCOVER brand can make withdrawals at Japan Post Bank ATMs.

    2. Blackjack Silver badge

      Re: Like a box of clowns being slowly immolated.

      Take a look at Spain and Italy, it makes Japan look nice.

      1. Martin Gregorie Silver badge

        Re: Like a box of clowns being slowly immolated.

        The Spanish ATMs worked perfectly last time I was there (Barcelona, Burgos and environs).

        1. Blackjack Silver badge

          Re: Like a box of clowns being slowly immolated.

          Maybe they don't have ATM disasters but they were the ones behind the mortgage crisis. And when it comes to Italian banks, they would fall like flies if the government was not constantly rescuing them and allowing merges.

          Also there has been bankruptcies lately:

          And people are still crushing due to the housing bust, Corona only made things worse.

          And Italy... is basically a third world country that somehow exists as part of the eurozone. And yes is Italian banks that are the mayor problem. Well that and the government.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How deep will the apology bow be? I reckon at least 75 degrees.

  4. Anonymous South African Coward Silver badge

    Send a certain Mr Pester in, he will singlehandedly be victorious!

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