back to article Gootkit malware crew using SEO to get pwned websites in front of unwitting marks

Gootkit financial malware has been resurrected to fling ransomware payloads at unwitting marks, according to Sophos. The infosec firm said today that “criminal operators have turned the infection method” for the malware “into a complex delivery platform for a wide range of malware, including ransomware.” Gootkit is an exploit …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    NoScript FTW

    If ever, one day, netizens start blocking JS en masse, there will be many tears shed by all those stupid web sites that can't display a proper HTML page.

    Come on, I can dream, can't I ?

    Mine's the one with the no-JS, no-cookies web site in the pocket.

    1. ecofeco Silver badge

      Re: NoScript FTW

      I share that dream.

  2. hoola Silver badge

    The trouble is that the browser is now almost an operating system in it's own right. In this drive for funky dynamic pages doing vast amounts of clever stuff, mostly related to collecting data is it any wonder that we are in the state we are.

    It appears to be a race to the bottom for both the web site developers & browser creators. Neither gives a stuff if anything is secure, works properly and needs GHz of CPU cores and 16GB of RAM to work.

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