back to article Rocket Lab goes large with Neutron – a big rocket for big constellations. Oh, and it confirms a merger proposal

Small-satellite flinger Rocket Lab today confirmed a merger with Vector Acquisition Corporation, as well as plans for a considerably heftier launcher. The merger, which the New Zealand rocket maker said gives the combined entity a "implied pro forma enterprise value of $4.1 billion", will have woken up the bean counters. …

  1. MiguelC Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Way to go!

    The more the merrier

    EDIT: even though the merger makes, technically, less, I was referring to competition in space launch capability

    1. KarMann

      Re: Way to go!

      Technically, the merger makes fewer. Whether it makes less, remains to be seen.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: Way to go!

        And, technically, it should be 'A ways to go!'

        But I wish them well on their journey. Ad Astra per aspera.

        1. Adam Foxton

          Re: Way to go!

          As this is El Reg, maybe we should wish them "Ad Astra Tabernamque"!

          I'll finish my icon and get my coat.

    2. NeilPost Silver badge

      Re: Way to go!

      Just wondering what ‘ Vector Acquisition Corporation’ are bringing to the table ??? No real mention.

      1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

        Re: Way to go!

        Based purely on their name, money!

  2. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    If you're not interested in world domination, no one's interested it seems

    Rocket Lab already has an impressive record but the valuation seems trivial compared with more PR-savvy companies with US govt contracts in their pockets. It's a pity because it makes them easier targets – Elon probably only needs to flutter his eyelashes if he wants to do a buyout – but it probably also means they can just get on with their job.

  3. Gene Cash Silver badge

    They also posted a video

    "Introducing Neutron"

    1. Spherical Cow

      Re: They also posted a video

      It's a great video!

      (It is linked in the article, but in a very subtle manner with the words "Beck's expression", easy to miss.)

  4. nautica Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Do you British not speak English any more? Remember: you have foreign readers.

    "...will have woken up the bean counters..."

    Really ⁈ REALLY ‽ What the bloody hell is going on here...

    One would think that even the most basic education in the proper use of English grammar would dictate that this be phrased as

    "...will have awakened the bean counters...", or

    "...will have wakened the bean counters...".

    Editorial oversight? What's that?

    1. zuckzuckgo Silver badge

      Re: Do you British not speak English any more? Remember: you have foreign readers.

      To boldly go where grammar has never gone before?

  5. Martin Gregorie

    LEO satellite constellations would seem to be a bad idea

    ... because, quite apart from the effect on astronomy and, eventually, on other launches, they are incredibly wasteful of resources.

    Think about it: an LEO satellite has a lifetime of around a year, after which it burns up in the atmosphere and must be replaced. The materials used to make the satellite and its electronics, some of which are quite rare while even the copper and gold used for PCBs and contacts are not exactly common, are completely lost since, on re-entry, the entire thing is reduced to tiny, unrecoverable pieces in the upper atmosphere.

    By comparison, the unthinking fat cat who, 'because he can', buys a new iPhone every year and landfills the old one is a paragon of materials thrift. Why? Because the location of landfill sites are known. They can, and will be, mined for their more valuable content. This will be recovered and reused: a landfill could easily have a higher concentration of the many of the commercially useful rare elements than the mines they are currently extracted from.

    This rant was inspired by today's 'Life Scientific' on Radio 4 - an interview with Sarah Bridle, a data scientist who has found the skills she developed searching for dark matter and dark energy are equally useful for dealing with the effect of food production on global warming. Its available from BBC Sounds and is worthwhile listening to.

  6. Zolko Silver badge

    Rocket Lab, how many launches ?

    "the new booster could well lead to some sleepless nights in Russia. The Soyuz-2 launcher can carry a similar mass to orbit [...] Rocket Lab expect the first flight in 2024"

    this was a joke, right ?

  7. Alan Brown Silver badge

    Oh oh.....

    Vector was the baddie in "Despicable Me" - and he was trying to steal the moon (from Gru)

  8. Lotaresco

    Oh no

    Hal Stewart (Tighten) has his own rocket company, we're doomed!

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