back to article GPUs for gaming, data-center servers continue to drive up Nvidia's revenues despite chip shortages everywhere

Nvidia continues to grow and beat Wall Street's expectations amid a global chip shortage. On Wednesday, it revealed bumper figures for the fourth quarter of its fiscal 2021, the three months to January 31, and full-year results. CEO Jensen Huang boasted “Q4 was another record quarter, capping a breakout year" ahead of a …

  1. seven of five

    >Huang added:[...] "We have enough supply to grow each quarter throughout the year."

    Yeah, sure. That is why we have all the choice in the world which card is out of stock and can only be bought from a scalper at 300%+ surcharge. Since goddamn October.

    Tell me another one. And unless they pull the additional chips for the mining cards out of thin air, this will do exactly zilch to remedy the shortage.

  2. MJI Silver badge

    I am waiting for the

    gamer raid on a bitcoin facility to liberate the graphics cards.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    1st+ world problem

    I don't use my PC for mining or gaming so I don't have a skin in the game.

    But with automotive and other production lines shutting down due to lack of chips I think that both those who are chasing blocks and frames can wait.

  4. roosterdude

    "Hardware stocks are low, and aren't expected to recover any time soon"

    Understatement of the year.

    ....what I'd like to know is when El'Reg are going to do an in depth study on the global shortage of 30 series GPUs. The shortage since launch is not like any other shortage that we've ever seen with GPUs it's a completely different ballgame. C'mon El'reg there is a story with this one that needs to be investigated.

  5. gen242

    What is next? collapse of computer hardware sales

    The PC home build marlet is perhaps not enourmous revenue for NVIDA or AMD but it has kept them alive in the past. And what abnout all the other component makers? If nobody can buy graphics cards, the logical next step is no on will buy mother boards, CPUs RAM or indeed anything else. Primary system builders will be the only source? What a worrying look into the future..

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