back to article UK might still be in lockdown but tech jobs rise above pre-pandemic levels and beyond, according to ONS

The number of UK tech jobs has surpassed pre-pandemic levels and the sector now employs more individuals than at any time in its history, according to official data released today. A breakdown of employment data by the Office for National Statistics, the UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics, shows that …

  1. IceC0ld

    Would be nice to think that this begins the end of IT being seen as the necessary evil

    and more of a critical part of ALL levels of any company






    but not holding my breath :o(

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I don't think I even want to continue working in tech. The labour market appears to have become totally saturated and I just don't feel like I have the ability or motivation to be continually learning new stuff that I'm not truly interested in, just for the sake of competing with 400 other candidates for the same cookie cutter role that would require me relocating to somewhere I don't want to live in the first place.

    The morbidly obese elephant in the room is the simple fact that I don't know what I'd rather do.

    1. Dave 15


      Often the something else is something resulting in a physically visible output rather than a website or blinking light most of us produce ( i am lucky in that i am doing control of vehicles which is at least fun and dangerous). But I now want to build vehicles but i know HMG will never ever buy British built and no devil investor will ever countenance investing in UK manufacture so it's a dead duck even though as a country we despatately need it

  3. Dave 15


    I don't want to ever have a requirement to make regular trips to an office. It's now a year since i was last in an office and that is good. It drastically cuts my cost and increases my flexibility and with test harnesses i can remote into in the office there is no need to ever be there. Online whiteboards aren't great but they are good enough and video conf calls are fine. I can live just where I want and avoid the overpriced housing around tech areas. It's vastly more environmentally friendly than weariñg out a car and less frustrating than spending hours a day in traffic jams. No one need offer me any job requiring specific required trips to an office

  4. Richard 36

    Let's hope that they are not all jobs with FaceBook

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