back to article They break into your network but do nothing themselves: 'Initial access brokers' resell stolen creds for $7k a pop

A growing category of cyber-crime consists of breaking into corporate networks and doing nothing else – except selling that illicit access to others for about $7,000 a go, says infosec biz Digital Shadows. Research published today highlighted what the firm dubbed "initial access brokers" in the delightful world of online …

  1. Mike 137 Silver badge

    Increasing specialisation

    Increasing specialisation is an inevitable trend once any business service becomes commoditised. This is just one step further along a path that has been in place for ages. Exfiltrated credit card data already passes down a hierarchy of wholesale providers of specialist parts of a service (e.g. obtaining, validating, ranking, bundling) before it reaches the party the actually cashes in.

    By the way, over a decade ago research was conducted into the black electronic economy, and even then the corporate structures identified matched those of major "legitimate" corporations very closely. It's a big mistake to view the perpetrators as a special business class - they just business people using the same business methods that work for everyone. The product is the only bit that's different.

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