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    Nominet EGM Letter

    Dear Nominet member,

    We will be a holding a virtual Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at 15:00hrs (GMT) on Monday, 22 March 2021 to vote on a proposed resolution to remove five members of the Nominet Board, including the Chair and the entire executive leadership team.

    Why You Should Vote: What’s at stake

    Approval of this resolution would plunge the organisation into the unknown. We would lose our most experienced leaders. The instability will damage our ability to retain or attract the highly-skilled staff we need to run the service our members rely on. There is a real risk that Government stakeholders will question whether Nominet’s governance model is fit for purpose: placing our independence, and that of .UK, at risk.

    The resolution is destructive, and if passed, creates nothing but uncertainty. No credible alternative plan has been put forward.

    We therefore ask you to vote NO.

    We’re on the right course for a stable, forward-looking Nominet

    The extreme measures proposed are unnecessary. That’s because we have a solid plan that keeps Nominet stable, looking forward, not back, and working closely with members all the way.

    We are investing £20 million to build the infrastructure we need to support .UK for the next decade.

    We are launching a new Registry Advisory Council to involve the membership much more closely in key decision making.

    We are doubling our support for public benefit causes in the UK to more than £4 million this year. Future funding will rise in line with our commercial success.

    We have frozen .UK prices - along with Board pay - until 2023 at the earliest.

    Now we need your support to keep Nominet on track.

    No organisation is perfect, and we are committed to working closely with members to resolve issues and change the way Nominet works. We can do that without resorting to the extreme measures put forward in the resolution.


    Please vote

    We do want all members to participate, whatever their view.

    But please bear in mind a ‘yes’ vote is a vote for the unknown, and brings with it the likelihood of damaging consequences for .UK, our staff and the services we provide to you and other members.

    That’s why the Board was unanimous in recommending that members reject the proposed resolution.

    With that in mind, please Vote NO.

    You can attend the virtual EGM meeting if you wish, but you can also vote right now by clicking through to the voting platform and designating the Chair as your proxy. The details you will need are below.

    You can read more at www.nominet.uk/EGM. And if you have any questions or feedback for the Board, please contact us at egm@nominet.uk

    Together we can secure a stable future for Nominet. Your vote is essential, so please make your voice heard.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mark Wood


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