back to article The kids are all right... for Google: Web giant talks up 40 new Chromebook models, school-focused ChromeOS

The PC industry is expected to release 40 new Chromebook models this year, according to Google. This is almost certainly driven by sky-high demand for the basic computing devices, which are especially popular in classrooms home schooling. For context, lists just 20 new Chromebook releases during 2020. During 2019 …

  1. Mike 137 Silver badge

    Planned obsolescence yet again

    "While you can use a Chromebook after its EOL point, [...] site compatibility will be a major concern [...]. You may also encounter issues using Android apps, should they require a newer version of the Android API than the one supported on your particular device"

    Yet another way of driving the churn that keeps the dollars rolling in.

    Among their more modern peers I still use a couple of 20 year old computers that continue to do everything required of them - Life is not yet Ended by a long chalk.

    1. Martin

      Re: Planned obsolescence yet again

      Though I don't disagree with you in general - you have to ask the question, how long SHOULD Google keep supporting a machine which is basically using old hardware?

      People now know about the EOL date (and if you don't know, here's the page). I today just bought a new Chromebook for my daughter which will be EOL in June 2026. (And they sometimes extend the date by six months or a year.) That's probably long enough.

      So it may be planned obsolescence, but at least it's a transparent date when your machine will stop getting updates, rather than what happens on phones, where they just quietly stop updating without any warning.

    2. Kreaninw

      Re: Planned obsolescence yet again

      For a laptop, at that time, it will be obsolete whether it's Chromebook or Windows unless you transform it into a Linux laptop. Therefore 8 years support won't be an issue (I'm not saying it's a good thing to have this limitation).

      Trying to install Windows 10 on an average laptop that came out 8 years ago and you will know why it's not a problem to have 8 years support.

  2. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Google hanging round schools handing out their accounts for free

    But they're not trying to get the kids addicted or anything.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Google hanging round schools handing out their accounts for free

      Let's face it, the big three are all hanging around schools but they are focused on the teachers and administrators.

      As far as the kids, they're already addicted to Google.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Google hanging round schools handing out their accounts for free

      Why they should link their personal account with the education space, for example? If I was a parent of a child forced to use a Google product I would make him or her use an account that can be forgotten once the need fades away.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Will no-one think of the children

    The kids would be more alright with a Pinebook Pro.

    Just as cheap if not cheaper, no walled garden, no telemetry.

    1. Old Used Programmer

      Re: Will no-one think of the children

      The telemetry is still going to be in the software packages.

    2. NATTtrash

      Re: Will no-one think of the children

      "Just as cheap if not cheaper, no walled garden, no telemetry."

      And here is another thought for you...

      This has been marketed promoted presented as a solution in "home schooling" times, especially for less well of children (and their parents). After all, we have all seen the reports of 3 kids having to share mums mobile to do some school work. However, the basic design and work flow of a ChromeBook is that a continuous net connection is required. I don't know how it is nowadays, but I can remember models not even having office-like applications available locally. Now, we the privileged can shout that net access won't break the bank, but I suppose that's what we are... The privileged, who have to think again...

  4. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. Martin

      Re: Take a course that's only three years

      That is just incorrect.

      I've just bought a refurbished Chromebook (not even a brand new one) for my daughter, which will be getting updates until at least June 2026. Or take the HP Chromebook 11a - yours for £199 from Currys. Updates until June 2028. Some Chromebooks are guaranteed updates till 2029.

      I already posted this link, but if you buy a Chromebook, you should always check this page, to check just how long (at a minimum) your updates will last.

      But yes - afterwards you buy a new one or install Linux on it. Or both.

  5. Old Used Programmer

    Alternative to a Chromebook

    After my grandson was issued a Chromebook by his school district last Spring, a little work showed that everything relating schoolwork runs just fine on a Pi4B, and the Pi has a bunch of that's what he's using now.

  6. abinitio1961

    Chromebooks beyond Google EOL - use Cloudready

    Article and comments need some qualifications.

    It's true that Chromebook EOL is generally about five years.

    But after five years Chrome OS can continue to be used for another five years by installing Neverware's Cloudready OS. This OS is completely free for home users, using Google's Chrome Device Management capabilities, and in fact the company is partially supported by Google. Cloudready OS and security updates are provided in line with Chromebook updates.

    Commercial users pay for the five years of Cloudready support.

    I think it's worth recording that commercial users such as Youtube-Hak5 actually bought Chromebooks for their internal use, for their trouble free automatic safe updating, and as the only device they could trust to take into hacking conventions.

    Also worth recording is that I am writing this on an Acer Chromebook 15 CBS-571 that reaches EOL in June 2021 - and what is most annoying is that it cannot upgrade to the Linux development environment because Google has added so much to it that there isn't enough room, by expanding Google Play Store/Assistant etc. But with a 4-core Intel processor and 1080p display it is as satisfactory for watching e.g streamed football matches at desktop distance, as watching on a 50-inch TV screen.

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