back to article Uncle Sam's Department of Justice isn't Slacking over $28bn Salesforce merger

The US Department of Justice has written to Salesforce and Slack to ask a few questions about December's $28bn merger announcement. Although complying with the request could potentially delay the deal, Salesforce said it anticipated completing the transaction during its fiscal quarter ending 31 July 2021. The legal to-and-fro …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The whole world is in desperate need of competition and businesses that are standing on their own feet. The "standard business model" for so many startups now is "we do X and then hopefully we get bought out by Google/Amazon/Apple/Microsoft and cash in." :(

    1. AMBxx Silver badge

      Given how easy it would be for Salesforce to replicate Slack for just their own application, you have to wonder why they're bothering.

      1. TimMaher Silver badge


        They want the Slack user base as well as the product?

        Just guessing.

        1. AMBxx Silver badge

          Re: Maybe

          But why? It's not part of their core product. Do they really need the distraction?

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