back to article ‘Quad’ nations sign up for meta think-tank to advance ‘Techno-Democratic Statecraft’

Universities and think tanks from Australia, the USA, Japan, and India have come together in a new group that together hopes to advance discussions on the intersection of information technology, regional security, and internet freedom. Dubbed the “Quad Tech Network”, the group is managed by the National Security College at The …

  1. LazLong


    Maybe they can promulgate some liberal democracy to India and get Modi's ass out of office.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      @LazLong - Re: Maybe....

      We don't care as long it's not about China.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    A Simple Setback to Graciously Accept In Order to Rapidly Enjoy Unprecedented Progress

    As China bristles, USA, Japan, India, and Australia create forum to explore the intersection of tech and regional security

    One does have to ask if that is to discuss trying to catch up with those states and intelligently designed entities already deploying augmented virtual reality tactics and logistics in the fields they are only just now thinking about tinkering in to explore and implore?

    To imagine that such can ever lead from the front, with drivers in the engine, whenever it so obviously follows up in the rear, trailing passengers to/in a connected train of carriages, is something to ponder and accept is something in which no choice is either immediately or ever likely to be readily made available.

  3. martinusher Silver badge

    What's wrong with good old-fashioned competition?

    "Democracy" hasn't been very kind to us for many years. Even in the US, a country that prides itself as being democractic, is ruled by a minority who maintain power by a system of entrenched privlege and electoral manipulation. If we examined the poitical systems of the other countries mentioned here we'd notice the same traits -- its really about maintaining and expanding the power of entrenched interests than promoting peace and freedom around the globe.

    A big part of our current culture involves picking holes in competing societies and expecting them to fail at any moment because "they're not like us". Its just wishful thinking. We're wasting our energy knocking them, trying to bring them down, and in doing so neglecting the needs of our populations. (I can't speak for Japan and Australia but the US has severe and structural social and economic problems and India seems to be promoting racial and class strife as a way of diverting attention from the fact that a large part of its population lives in dire poverty (and many of the bits that aren't hyper poor aren't doing that well in an absolute sense). Now it seems that all we have left are people trying to figure out ways to persuade these other societies that they need to get out those yellow umbrellas or whatever and indulge in a bit of social unrest. They'd be better off improving the lives of peoples closer to home.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: What's wrong with good old-fashioned competition?

      Is one thing you can be sure of, if things remain much the same as they are, a revisiting and carbon copy replay of the Northern Ireland model of "The Troubles" which will be copied to encourage a long overdue change, but this time, with hindsight well applied, a more focussed targeting of leading lights and financial centres, rather than innocent civilians, for are they not certainly responsible and accountable ‽ .

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