back to article As Huawei's semiconductor purchases slip, its founder tries a new tactic: Flattery

Semiconductor purchases are a strong indicator of how the wider hardware industry is faring. An analysis of last year's numbers from Gartner paints a rosy picture with mobile and computer vendors increasingly hungry for chips on the back of pandemic-driven device demand. There was one exception, however: Huawei. Apple and …

  1. martinusher Silver badge

    Don't dring the Kool-Aid

    This story in today's Washington Post outlines some of the challenges that the new administration has in piecing together a functioning Federal governemnt:-

    Added to this the Justice Department is in a bit of a shambles as well. Given this background its probably better to hang fire for a bit before reporting on whatever the US governent does or intends to do and while you're about it certainly don't take anything seriously from the previous (Trump) administration unless independently verified. We've been subjected to a considerable amount of blather and BS with regard to Huawei, all of it political in nature and none of it particularly well directed. Yes, the US has an Entity List. Yes, being on it can make importing devices difficult or impossible. Yes, companies who are targeted -- fairly or unfairly -- need to find alternates for their supply chain. But don't swallow the Cold War Kool-Aid about why they've been so listed, like everything else in Trumpworld its based entirely on fantasy or individual self-interest.

    We need a coherent industrial strategy that keeps us competitive. What we've been doing just shows us to be yesterday's people.

    (Added to that why would anyone believe the Justice Department siren song about extradition given the ongoing treatment of Assange and the business over Dunn? Leave us be until we've sorted ourselves out.)

    1. Danny Boyd

      Re: Don't dring the Kool-Aid

      >like everything else in Trumpworld its based entirely on fantasy or individual self-interest

      If I'm not mistaken, attack on Huawei was (and still is) bipartisan.

    2. Adelio Silver badge

      Re: Don't dring the Kool-Aid

      I just think that there is too much dodgy and outright bad stuff that China appears to be doing. Specifically the Uyghur but just generally.

      It just seems to be getting more and more repressive. Also it seems to be trying to kill Hong Kong.

      I Personally would prefer to limit any purchases I do with China but thre seems to be little that is NOT made there.

      I think sellers should have to include the country of origin of the products so we can at least decide.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    +20 days

    "Raimondo said. "I currently have no reason to believe that entities on those lists should not be there. If confirmed, I look forward to a briefing on these entities and others of concern.""

    Under 'Good governance law', he's legally required to do a proper examination of the case and Huawei are not a priorty 20 days in to fixing a disaster. Patience.

  3. Schultz

    The obvious way out...

    Apple purchases part of Huawei's business and starts selling budget products under the "cherry" brand. That could put a few billions from the bank to good use, restore world peace and, obviously, return the cherry brand to it's rightful USAmerican owner.

  4. PhilipN

    What trade deal?

    The one which saw US exports to China fall by 40%? That trade deal?

    That's ok - hit them with the national security/foreign policy mantra. Same thing anyway.

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