back to article UK bus and rail giant FirstGroup looks to replace decade-old Cyborg system in £8m HR and payroll contract

Brit transport giant FirstGroup, which runs rail and bus companies in the UK and US - including North America's Greyhounds - is looking to replace decade-old HR and payroll systems with a single cloud solution in a five-year contract. With the deal expected to be worth £7.6m, the company has decided to replace a multitude of …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I’ve just broken out into a cold sweat at the memories of Cyborg payroll - a COBOL based application with a dreadful screen scraping GUI on top.

    1. Rudy

      Re: Gulp!

      Same here! I still get flashbacks to P2EDIT.EXE, P4CALC.EXE (and its evil sibling, O4CALC.EXE) and P5PRINT.EXE!

      All on a VAX 11/750.

  2. Badbob

    You wait 10 years for one HR solution....

    I suspect whatever solution they select, it’ll arrive late, followed very quickly by the next version and will smell faintly of damp farts and body odour.

  3. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge


    They might be first group, but I'd rather commute with Abellio.

  4. martin 62

    thank god....

    Thank god first sold their manchester operations they were aweful always late... busses always breaking down.... you name it Rotala (diamond) are marginally better and have newer busses (they still rent some first busses but these are being replaced with busses from rotala's fleet)

    1. ICL1900-G3 Bronze badge

      Re: thank god....

      Awful... Buses.

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