back to article $13m funding for Scratchpad – a data input startup whose sole strength is pointing out Salesforce's weaknesses

Scratchpad, a startup based around easing Salesforce data input, has snared $13m in new funding, apparently without even really wanting to. In a blog, the business equivalent to the suckerfish announced new funding led by David Sacks at Craft Ventures, with Accel continuing to participate after leading its seed round last year …

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    Another tagnut

    This reminds me a lot of Skuid which advertised as a way to make custom UI forms for Salesforce but ends up just being another expensive add on for an expensive platform that just creates it own problems rather than solving the issues it was brought in to do. If you are still on classic you would be better off spending the money and effort moving to LEX and if you are on LEX maybe take some time to build a better UX for your staff.

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