Brexit and the software industry

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    Brexit and the software industry

    A colleague of mine recieved an email from a UK software vendor, which states that due to Brexit they can not offer downloads, cloud support and the like for customers in the EU.

    Is this bonkers, or is there some merit to it?

    Cheers, and thanks for your hopefully insightful comments.

    PS: This reminds me of the time when the GDPR came into effect, and some people in the media pondered the question whether door signs (announcing the name of the tenants out on the street) were now illegal under the terms of the GDPR.

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    The gist of the email, which I only paraphrase

    Hi Mr. X


    regarding the sharing of files there are bad news. Brexit [...] we are currently not allowed to share any files related to our software Y outside the UK.

    To monitor import/export of software all sharing platforms have been shut down as well as the website download area.

    We are working to restore our support of software Y for you, however, there are many such cases so we are afraid we can only wait.

    If you need support you can email us, however, we can not send files back to you.

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