back to article UK internet providers told to mind their MANRS and start following Border Gateway Protocol best practices

Britain's National Cyber Security Centre has urged internet service providers to adopt its Border Gateway Protocol best practice guide following a number of routing blunders over the past few years. The guide, published in late January, is a short and straightforward document advising internet service providers (ISPs) on …

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  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Any UK examples?

    I'm aware of various misconfigurations and BGP hijackings in Asia and the US, but have there been any noticable issues in the UK?

    I'm not against running sensible BGP best practices but am interested to find out if there was any events that had driven this - for the systems I am involved with I've only noticed a few minor quirks (i.e. announcements via unexpected transit providers that are usually withdrawn ASAP) in Europe but nothing I would have considered significant from an enterprise environment perspective.

    1. Giles C Silver badge

      Re: Any UK examples?

      I don’t think there have been, but the lack of any such incidents doesn’t mean there won’t be or that running systems against a known standard shouldn’t be done.

      In a previous role I benchmarked all the network switch and router configs against the cis standards. It was needed to prove we have control for pci compliance. There wasn’t anything really wrong with the existing configs but benchmarking against a 3rd party made it easier to prove compliance and also made it easier to troubleshoot as everything was configured the same.

  3. heyrick Silver badge

    though nobody noticed because they were IPv6

    That says it all, really, doesn't it?

    1. stiine Silver badge

      Re: though nobody noticed because they were IPv6

      83 decillion IP addresses and only 32kbps of additional traffic...

    2. Nanashi

      Re: though nobody noticed because they were IPv6

      Actually no, it doesn't. They advertised 2400::/12, which is basically the entire of APNIC's space. Any legitimate users in APNIC are advertising routes that are more specific and thus have higher priority, so the announcement didn't affect them.

      So no, the reason they didn't notice wasn't because it was v6.

    3. EnviableOne Silver badge

      Re: though nobody noticed because they were IPv6

      2021 - the year of IPv6, Linux on the desktop, ...

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