back to article Funding frenzy from AWS, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce pumps ex-Hadoop wrangler Databricks' value to $28bn

Databricks, the company behind open-source big data tool Apache Spark, has sucked up a $1bn investment round courtesy of AWS, Microsoft, Google, and more. The Series G funding, led by newcomer Franklin Templeton Investments, puts the 2013-founded company at a $28bn valuation, more than four times its previous $6.2bn valuation …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    >Given its $28bn valuation, investors seem to think of it as a potential winner. By way of comparison, another data platform contender from the era of Hadoop hype, Cloudera, currently sports a market capitalisation of around $5.06bn at the time of writing, just over a fifth of Databricks' apparent value

    Those particularly keen on techno-archaeology would probably smile to know that there will be more than a few teeth gnashed on this particular topic, because waay back in the day around the back end of 2011 Matei actually interned at Cloudera while a grad student and worked on the earliest cuts of Spark. Filled with West Coast Egalitarian Zeal the then-naively young Cloudera even opted to pitch in and help Databricks get established with some incubation help.

    Because after all, Spark and Hadoop don't compete in the same space, right?

  2. seldom


    I bet they are shorting this

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