back to article Atos shares rebound briefly as biz decides acquiring DXC is probably not worth the bother

Atos shares spiked this morning after it confirmed that negotiations to purchase DXC Technology are dead in the water. An audacious bid, reported to be in the region of $10bn, was made by the French integrator-cum-outsourcer in the first week of January, representing a move away from the typical bolt-on deals Atos funds. But …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not sure who breathes the biggest sigh of relief... Atos staff or DXC staff

    (or maybe their customers?)

    1. Sparkus

      Re: Not sure who breathes the biggest sigh of relief... Atos staff or DXC staff

      Customers, definitely........

  2. Binraider Silver badge

    Really quite silly for them to buy DXC. DXC customers are fleeing as fast as commercial contracts allow due to poor service and high prices.

    All ATOS has to do is put in a better tender as they come up for renewal and they'll get the job without a ton of capex. And I can say as being on the recieving end of IT support now by ATOS, previously by DXC that they will win easily on every single metric over DXC.

    1. HairyFace

      Having previously worked for Atos and currently working for DXC, I can tell you from the inside that, no matter how bad DXC may appear from the outside, Atos is 100 times worse.

      I don't remember ever working for another company where we were advised to hide our badges on the way out of the building - or to leave by the rear entrance, as protestors were threatening to set themselves on fire at the front.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        I guess all of the big names in IT have had some unfortunate history they'd like to forget but few in the UK are a household name as utter bar stewards as much as atos are.

        But they are a global company and in other markets they don't know what atos did to the uk's sick and disabled.

  3. yogidude

    When did DXC last turn a profit? There aren't many reasons why you would want to buy a loss making businesses in a shrinking market. But there would be some good reasons why you would want to sell it.

    1. sanmigueelbeer Silver badge

      When did DXC last turn a profit

      What is your definition of "profit"?

      Any hack of an accountant can make a loss look like a profit.

  4. NeilPost Silver badge

    Outsourced Scum

    I lost my job @ Forte Restaurants in the 90’s to this outsourced scum (formerly Compower ... spun out of the National Coal Board IT Division). Won the business pitching low and we had to train our ‘replacements’ as they had zero skills for the job. Fortunately another division within Forte wanted and took us.... before business taken apart by Granada Hostile Takeover.

    Go fuck yourself once again.

    1. A.P. Veening Silver badge

      Re: Outsourced Scum

      Instructing your replacement can be fun (but not for the replacement), provided you are a Bastard Instructor From Hell.

      Explain everything correctly exactly once and demand perfection, pretty soon you will run out of replacements to instruct. And while you are instructing, you can't be doing the work you are instructing your replacement to do.

    2. Death_Ninja

      Re: Outsourced Scum

      Unless you started out with working for today's big fish, the story of takeover after takeover and TUPE'd between employers is pretty much most of this industry.

      Even if you work for the current big fish, it can still happen to you - look at this story - DXC getting bought out?

      Prior to that EDS/HPES bought by CSC to make DXC.

      IBM ITO is next

      Eventually we will all work for Amazon/Apple/Tesla/The Lizard People Corp

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