back to article Ransomware attack takes out UK Research and Innovation's Brussels networking office

UK Research and Innovation, the British government's science and research organisation, has temporarily turned off a couple of its web-facing services after an apparent ransomware attack. In a statement issued last week while everyone was gazing goggle-eyed at the European Union's vaccine export struggles, UKRI said data from …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Well done

    Being the subject of an attack is one thing, being able to shrug it off and resume functioning without either having lost important data or paying the miscreants is, unfortunately, another thing entirely.

    Well done to UKRI, who has apparently been some of the too rare institutions that had proper backup plans and procedures, and was capable of implementing them quickly.

    Let's just hope that they've found the entry point, and will do what is required to plug the hole so that the miscreants have to find another way in.

    1. FlamingDeath Silver badge

      Re: Well done

      They’re probably well staffed with people who have available bandwidth (now thats a term I learnt from my dumb fucking boss at the time, who would ask me if I had enough bandwidth for more shit on my plate)

      What do you mean you have time to do fire tests?

      LOL, what a wonderful and rare environment

      Meanwhile, the sales department is over flowing with shit cunts

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Well done

      I was involved in meetings last week that depended on documents stored on the extranet. I woke on Monday to find I couldn't access them. By Tuesday lunch we had access to all the documents we required by another secure means. The running of the meeting was barely affected. Kudos to those at UKRI for making it all run so seamlessly in what must have been a very difficult situation.

  2. tiggity Silver badge

    sensitive data

    Depending on my email address it could give "sensitive" data if it included hints to ethnicity, sexuality, religious beliefs etc.

    And as for name and address If my name was Isaac Schwartz & address in Golders Green, London then could have a good guess at my religion.

    With name & email bad actor might be able to find posts I have made on websites (if I did not hide my identity) & thus get a real indication of my beliefs

    Regarding name, address, email as inconsequential data is bad.

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