back to article Bork to school: Apple kit management service Jamf pulls a sickie for IT crews trying to get pupils on iPads

While UK parents looked forward to weeks more of home education for their poppets, iDevice management service Jamf School has taken a tumble for some users. "Our Jamf School MDM has been down for days," grumbled one Register reader trying to deploy a fleet of Apple fondleslabs at an academy in the north of England. The …

  1. LeoP

    Teaching our young on closed systems we have no control over

    What could possibly go wrong?

  2. karlkarl Silver badge

    Using any platform a user cannot copy files to and execute programs on is a toy. Unfortunately due to the requirement of a signing developer license, this does include those fancy new Apple Silicon laptops.

    Why are people who are incompetent with IT able to make decisions with IT?

    1. Fred Daggy Silver badge

      i see you have your use case. Great, valid and works for you. However, there are many other use cases out there and the iPad fits many of them. Don't dis on others that have different use cases. HTPC? Kindle?

      While I could support the notion that all our choices have implications (free software, ethical sourced coffee, etc), banging on about makes one sound like a zealot. Or worse, a vegan. Or worse again, a cyclist ... in Lycra.

      A nice UI, solid ecosystem, full privacy control, but without the google spyware, that would actually pretty good. There is a lot of room for a lot of choice.

    2. Paul 195

      A management system like Jamf makes a lot of sense for hardware that you are going to hand out to other people. If you are going to hand it out to kids for education, you probably don't want a platform users can copy files to and execute programs on. You want a platform where you decide what's on it and what it can be used for. But that doesn't excuse Jamf for being down for days and not keeping administrators updated.

  3. chivo243 Silver badge

    'bullet dodged?

    All of our devices are enrolled, students can work(if you call it that) but just can't add new apps. I liked it better when it was called ZuluDesk... something happened when they changed clouds...

  4. DownUndaRob


    A symptom of Brexit perhaps

    (I'll get my coat)

  5. aregross

    This sounds familiar....

    This sounds familiar coughSolarWindscough

  6. David Lawton

    "We asked the UK's Department for Education for its thoughts, too, and will update with any reply." Why would you do that? It's nothing to do with them, the school is free to pick what ever MDM they want to use, which does NOT have to be Jamf School which use to be Zulu Desk before JAMF bought them.

    We use Jamf Pro instead for our 1600 iPad deployment.

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