back to article If you want to leg it through China's Great Firewall, don't forget to pull on your newly darned Shadowsocks

China's recent upgrades to its content-blocking Great Firewall can be circumvented, according to censorship fighters from the Great Firewall Report. Members of the group last year published a paper [PDF] detailing how China had improved the firewall to detect the use of Shadowsocks, a tool for using SOCKS5 proxies outside the …

  1. Shadow Systems Silver badge

    Leave my socks out of this!

    Danged whippersnappers always goin' through muh dirty laundry an' playin' in muh drawers.

    *Shakes a fossilized fist*

    An' get off muh LawnGnome!


    1. RM Myers
      Thumb Up

      Re: Leave my socks out of this!

      As I understand the article, with Shadowsocks we can each have our own Shadow Systems. Human cloning is finally a thing!

      1. penvil

        Re: Leave my socks out of this!

        Why cloning people?

        1. RM Myers

          Re: Leave my socks out of this!

          If you need to explain a joke, it obviously wasn't very good. Shadowsocks allows you to hide your communications from the censors, thus creating a hidden system, or "shadow system". The original poster's user name is Shadow Systems. Since everyone can create shadow systems using Shadowsocks, ...

          Please note - no humans were cloned in the creation of this comment or my original comment, nor was there any intent to encourage others to clone humans.

  2. You aint sin me, roit

    It's a sewing race

    Darn your socks... patch the wall.

    Mine's the one with a ball of wool in the pocket.

  3. PhilipN Silver badge

    Truth is over-rated

    Take my word for it.

    But if you are one of very few miscreants in the entire country whose online record cannot be accessed, expect the 4 o'clock knock.

  4. Chris the bean counter

    Can internet be accessed through Whatsapp/Telegram/Signal ?

    They are (currently) permitted in China*

    Maybe some app that can be sent as a message and then establish a connection to a net of connections outside of China. The net would just see it as a video call.

  5. DS999 Silver badge

    They need to treat it like Fight Club

    Talking about Shadowsocks only points the Chinese government to it, and they can quickly figure out and defeat its circumvention. If someone finds a way through they need to be VERY careful about who they tell, because once they tell the wrong person and it gets reported to the government it will be defeated.

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