back to article Time to haul DBaaS: Neo4j joins the fully managed club as doubts linger about its cloudiness

Graph database swashbuckler Neo4j has joined a throng of NoSQL vendors in selling its technology core as a fully managed cloud database. While the move is seen as a necessary move to ease support loads, experts have questioned whether Neo4J is a strong architectural fit for the cloud era. Neo4j said its Aura Enterprise DBaaS …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    One has to ask...

    While you could already instantiate an instance in the cloud... e.g. spin up EC2 instance and install. Or get fancy and build an AMI to make it easier and faster to instantiate.

    Going the route that Snowflake and Databricks has taken... makes one wonder about security. Especially working with PII/PHI information.

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