back to article OVH rises to Europe data sovereignty challenge (and AWS) with tape-as-a-service

OVHcloud has introduced tape-storage-as-a-service, based on IBM technology, in response to European data sovereignty and localisation requirements. The company, which is among Europe's biggest hosting firms, has kicked off with four dedicated facilities, all located in France but, for disaster recovery purposes, sited several …

  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Everything old is new again

    I remember getting system update 3592 tapes for the ERP system I was the contract manager for a decade ago. The contractor did the actual update and my tapes went into my file cabinet never to be touched again. As durable long term record storage 3592 tape can't be beat.

  2. steamnut

    A suggestion.

    I think our PNC systems would benefit from using this.


    OVH - isn't that the souce of many attacks?

    OVH for me has a very bad taste. I run a website that is under attack frequently. XSS, SQL injection, malicious uploads, attempts to log in - you name it. My firewall logs the source of attacks; subsequently I block the entire address range of the provider concerned from future access.

    About 10% of all attacks (worldwide) stem from OVH!

    A very respectable provider ... :-(

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: OVH - isn't that the souce of many attacks?

      Indeed it is.

      It's Europe's version of NameCheap.

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