back to article Microsoft updates Dev Channel Windows 10, breaks Arm x64 emulation

Build 21292 of Windows 10 arrived for Dev Channel Windows Insiders last week and while there was little of interest, the team was delighted to note that it had continued to work on the x64 emulation in the Arm edition of the operating system. Arriving later than expected, the x64 emulation in Windows 10 on Arm allows the …

  1. dharmOS

    What level of x64 support?

    Any news as to what level of x86-64 is supported, just the core spec SSE2 or more recent stuff like SSE4 and AVX? I can guess AVX-512 is not, but how far down the pecking order does the Microsoft emulator support (compared with Rosetta 2 which excludes all AVX instructions)?

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