back to article Semiconductor-flinger SK Hynix raises $1bn to green up its act

South Korean memory biz SK Hynix has issued a $1 billion “green bond” with the funds intended for pay for projects designed to reduce the ecological impact of its manufacturing activities. The funds raised from this debt issuance will be channelled into four separate areas: water quality management, energy efficiency …

  1. ThatOne Silver badge

    The toxic waste of producing toxic landfill

    > Semiconductor manufacturing is a notoriously mucky business.

    The obvious solution is to reduce the commercial lifetime of electronics, so they need to be replaced faster, ideally at least every year. You wouldn't be seen dead using last year's CPUs, would you.

    What do you mean "doesn't make sense"?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Toxic wastewater and resource hungry - wafer-fabbing's a mucky biz"

    It certainly is. But because most people's image of the industry is people hopping around cleanrooms in bunnysuits your average Joe doesn't bat an eyelid.

    1. Snake Silver badge

      Re: "Toxic wastewater and resource hungry - wafer-fabbing's a mucky biz"

      So is paper manufacturing. Until you step foot into a paper mill you have no idea of what the conditions truly are.

      Now, let's not talk about petrochemical plants O.O It will make your toes curl if I relate my 'favorite' memory...

      1. hoola Silver badge

        Re: "Toxic wastewater and resource hungry - wafer-fabbing's a mucky biz"

        The sordid business of making the individual parts that make up so much of the technology we use is often conveniently forgotten. Even basic things like a heater or light now often have chips and soft switches so are no longer just metal and plastic. Perversely the embedding of all this crap into everything we produce is making things worse as the lifespan of the equipment seems to get less each time it is replaced.

        It is just too easy to chuck the old & buy new. Recycling can help but most of the energy and resources go in making the thing in the first place. The arguments for "repariability" on things like phones and laptops are a bit of a misnomer an most will just chuck them it they break anyway.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: "Toxic wastewater and resource hungry - wafer-fabbing's a mucky biz"

        Though an important point in both cases is that both industries also recycle huge amounts of the resources they use internally. Though the paper mills drug their heels for a very long time on water treatment. It wasn't until a decade after it was cheaper to recycle the water then to pay the water bills that the majors invested in onsite water plants. The paper mills also had the gall to claim re-use of unfinished paper pulp was "Recycling" inspiring them to claim 100% new paper was in fact 98% recycled at the same time. So then they pushed for "Post-Consumer recycled material".

        I'm still not drinking Fab discharge water. They have been killing fish in East Fishkill for generations.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I'm impressed by the wafer in the photo. I can remember cupboards full of old 2" wafers and production on 3" ones.

    Isn't progress wonderful.

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