back to article VMware has the strategy and culture to thrive after CEO Pat Gelsinger's exit to Intel

A VMware employee of my acquaintance once told me a story about a customer meeting he attended alongside departing CEO Pat Gelsinger, who has just been revealed as the new CEO of Intel. My contact is a very significant computer scientist in his own right and was in the meeting to demonstrate his, and therefore VMware’s, very …

  1. baspax

    Great article

    But Nicira did not become NSX, at least not for a long time. It collected dust because, like at NetApp, the not-invented-here people prevailed and decided they knew everything about networking. I mean, what’s so difficult about it, right? Result was NSX-V with the probably worst routing this side of Linksys. Only when it became apparent that they couldn’t win against an arrogant and asleep at the wheel Cisco it was all hands on deck and dust off ole Nicira and brand it as NSX-T.

    Which kinda works but is as good as you’d expect 10 year old tech to be.

    Pretty much the same story as with VSAN. You’d think they would have send a few pizzas and six packs to the storage gurus at EMC for a braindump and maybe mentoring or whatnot. But hey, how complicated can this storage thing be, right? The result was VSAN which after a decade is still a PoS that’s only being saved by general availability of NAND.

    And don’t get me started on vRealize Automation ...

  2. micwarg

    Great article

    A good summary of a great CEO (disclosure the author is a personal friend).

    I've had the opportunity to talk with Pat several times during his tenure. He is honest, humble and smart. Under his watch, VMware forged strategic relationships with the likes of Microsoft, Amazon and others (including Oracle!) vSphere was ported to ARM -- imagine the pain he's gonna get from his new employer for that!

    That's all on top of what the author stated (including big jump in revenue).

    He will be a sad loss for VMware but the right person to help Intel.

    Michael Warrilow, Gartner

  3. luis river

    Changes necessary

    Intel X86 has it raw, ARM, RISC V, the cpu photonics that are coming, the porting of Windows to ARM, the CPU accelerators, the neuromorphic computing, and the Optane tech that promised but give little comparing to the latest generation Nand, Apple that this year 2021 will steal 10% turnover by abandoning x86 x ARM, all bad , I wouldn't be surprised if Intel's stock fell to $30. Intel I think I should license X86 to companies other than AMD, the important thing that tech X86 has "life" in the future and continue without profound changes is to condemn yourself.

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