back to article Netherlands minnow Red Kubes releases open-source Community Edition of its Otomi Kubernetes wrangler

Red Kubes, a small company based in the Netherlands, has released a free Community Edition of its Otomi Container Platform with the goal of making Kubernetes both easier to use and more portable between cloud providers or on-premises. "Otomi is not a Kubernetes distribution," Red Kubes CEO and co-founder Sander Rodenhuis told …

  1. Robert Grant

    One to watch, for sure. Kubernetes-native services are definitely attractive for the reasons they cite.

    Another reason: I can spin up a little equivalent on my laptop and do stuff locally, or in CI and run integration tests. Which is nice.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Looks like kubernetes lens

    We use kunernetes lens and rancher to manage all our k8s clusters and we run about 20.. never had issues over ECS, AKS, minkube and bare bones, if the admin api is available you can get rancher and lens to manage it..

    The big cloud guys are ahead because they have made it easy by making the install easy and making each version of Kubernetes easy to install, on bare bones a script that worked to install v1.1.7 probably won’t work to install v1.1.9 because everything has changed..

    If you have more than one k8s cluster download the open source lens it changed our way of working

  3. Sanrod8

    Otomi is not providing a layer of abstraction hiding internal

    Otomi is not providing a layer of abstraction hiding internals, but instead it uses and exposes familiar tools and its power lies in the glue it provides to power them. At any point in the development lifecycle it is actually rather easy and comfortable to get “under the hood”. That is by design. Of course one would still need to understand these tools to really extend and contribute to the platform, but that learning curve is less steep in comparison to learning yet another proprietary catch-all tool chain.

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