back to article Intel wheels out new face authentication product that works a lot like Apple's FaceID

Intel has gingerly dipped a toe into the face-based authentication market with the launch of its RealSense ID product. Aimed primarily at corporate customers and those dabbling in embedded systems, RealSense ID will allow individuals to prove their identity based purely on their facial features. The inaugural hardware is …

  1. PeeKay

    This is kinda good...

    ...but better would be a selection of decently priced, variants of biometric password replacements - for example, where are all the fingerprint readers in this format (pluggable USB) that we can use cheaply, and with a multitude of operating systems (Win/macOS/Linux/OS/2/etc)?

    There have been decent fingerprint readers in phones for years now. They should be a simple, cheap and effective way to authenticate yourself to your computer, without having to resort to images being taken over time (as is the case here), in turn presenting a potential privacy and/or security issue.

  2. anonanonanonanonanon

    FaceID and facemasks

    My iPhone X faceID would not work with a face mask on, but in the last couple of weeks, it's started working again, maybe at the last iOS update? I'm not entirely sure, haven't been out so much and used it as we faced deeper restrictions here... plus time is all becoming a bit of a blur.

    It is one of my favourite features TBH, better and more reliable than touchID, really annoyed to go back to the PIN when FaceID stops working

    1. DS999 Silver badge

      Re: FaceID and facemasks

      I've never had mine work with a mask, maybe it depends on the type of mask?

      I wouldn't mind seeing them put Touch ID back as a second option. I like Touch ID and found it 100% reliable, but it sucked in winter when I was wearing gloves. Face ID's problem is of course masks - though I hope that won't be an issue well before the end of the year (assuming the US can un-Trump its broken vaccine rollout)

      1. Archivist

        Re: FaceID and facemasks

        Touch ID is great until you have physical project. After a day of working with my hands, it fails to recognise my prints. Mostly the recognition returns but sometimes a re-register is required.

        1. Oh Matron!

          Re: FaceID and facemasks

          Bleach. A good day's cleaning, along with brush cleaner will remove all finger prints, thus rendering it useless.

        2. DS999 Silver badge

          Re: FaceID and facemasks

          Well OK I guess I don't do anything so abrasive to my fingertips that it ever was a problem when I had a phone that used Touch ID. Personally when I do physical labor type stuff I always wear gloves...

  3. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    One in a million?

    According to wikipedia, about 0.3% of the worlds population are identical twins. I realise that these aren't truly identical, but the one in a million claim for the general population translates to a one in a thousand claim applied solely to identical twins, and that sounds pretty unlikely.

    Face recognition might be a nice first line of defence, excluding most random hackers fairly easily, but given that "a familiy member" might well be exactly the kind of person you are trying to lock out of your stuff, I wouldn't want it to be the only line of defence.

  4. Cuddles

    Changes over time

    "makes a determination based on the facial features of a user and can adjust its understanding of a user over time. In theory, this makes it able to respond to changes in a user's appearance, such as a new haircut or glasses, while also accounting for the changes that gradually occur over time, like fluctuations in weight."

    Bets on how long until someone figures out how to exploit this? The whole point of things like passwords is that you need to have an exact match to a known quantity, otherwise it just doesn't work. Even with biometrics at least the target is known and you need to be close enough to work. Meanwhile the recurring theme of "AI" is that it's a black box that finds matches based on some unknown criteria that inevitably turns out to be exploitable when things outside its learning dataset are encountered. Putting your security in the hands of some sort of machine learning box that makes up new login credentials with no input from you sounds like a seriously terrible idea.

  5. nxnwest


    The bias inherent in facial recognition software regard those of us with darker skin ensures that more will be arrested (too many matches) and fewer allowed to vote (also too many matches). So perfect conservative program. Ban it everywhere.

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