back to article Huawei to drop out of top 6 smartphone vendors in 2021 after Honor jettison – analyst

Analyst house TrendForce has warned that Huawei will slip out of the top six smartphone vendors this year with shipments forecast to drop from 170 million in 2020 to 45 million. Although Huawei continues to face headwinds as a direct result of US sanctions, the main factor in this expected drop is the sale of its Honor sub- …

  1. Cuddles

    Not quite

    "Trendforce expects Xiaomi will replace Huawei in third place, behind Samsung and Apple, but ahead of Oppo and Vivo."

    Or to put it more accurately, Trendforce expects Xiaomi will replace Huawei in fourth place, behind Samsung, BBK and Apple. Oppo and Vivo, along with several others, are the same company.

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