back to article Blackberry Cylance's consumer antivirus product won't work with macOS Big Sur until end of January

Blackberry Cylance's consumer antivirus product will not support macOS Big Sur until the end of January – three months after the Apple operating system’s latest version was released. The iGiant's OS hit version 11 on Friday 13th November, appropriately enough given the chaos that followed, yet despite version 11.1 being …

  1. Pete B

    They're not alone

    When you log in to Sophos Central there's a banner across the top saying

    "Endpoint Protection doesn't support macOS 11 (Big Sur) yet. Please don't upgrade until we announce that we support it. An EAP is available now."

    Since pretty much all vendors seems to be slow to develop versions for new release of MacOS I assume that either the number of Macs in the workplace is too small for them to prioritise, or Apple make things so difficult that itm genuinely takes third party's that long to deal with the upgrades. (I've seen issues with the following off the top of my head recently - Adobe, Kyocera, Sophos, Brother, Konica.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: They're not alone

      It looks as if some companies are just too slow / don't care.

      MacOS has been nagging users that kernel extensions were deprecated and due to be removed for some time (I think I first noticed this more than a year ago). I've got Norton on one of my machines and a version compatible with Big Sur was only released on the day (or was it the day after) the OS update was made generally available - they could have sorted the problem with the Catalina version (so a year before it had to be done).

      Apple have made a significant change to the OS security model (in a good way) and gave people lots of notice that adoption would become mandatory. Seems strange that security-related products have been "caught out" by this!

    2. TheMeerkat Bronze badge

      Re: They're not alone

      The companies with a fleet of Macs, who are forcing their users to run a lot of enterprise crap on their machine (including Sophos) are usually slow in allowing their users to update to the latest version of OS. They wait until they test that all their spyware works ok.

  2. needmorehare

    Consumer antivirus on macOS is a big waste

    Seriously. a much easier "consumer anti-virus" is to rig up macOS to only allow execution of App Store apps and to only use an unprivileged account with a locked down Applications directory. The apps you are able to run can't execute arbitrary code or get hacked in a way which achieves persistence due to the sandboxing requirements and hardened runtime.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not only AV...

    I use SuperDuper! to create bootable backup disks. They issued advice that they do not yet support Big Sur at the beginning of November (see I can understand it not being there on day 1 as there was an issue with an Apple utility that was needed to make the images bootable (related to signing of the OS "partition"), but that was fixed in the Big Sur release (but not the beta).

    May switch to Carbon Copy Cloner as that has support.

    1. tip pc Silver badge

      Re: Not only AV...

      Due to the changes in big sur including sealed volumes etc only a few applications have the ability to use asr to do bootable backups Carbon Copy Cloner is one of just a few apps that can do bootable backups.

  4. Randy Hudson

    Based on past OS releases, it sounds like they’ll have it ready well before it makes sense to upgrade to Big Sur

  5. tip pc Silver badge

    Is 3rd party AV worth it on the Mac now?

    Given the enhanced security and sealed volumes in Big Sur now is it any use to use 3rd party av apps when the built in stuff likely will do a better job?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Is 3rd party AV worth it on the Mac now?

      As always it depends who's using the computer.

      Back in the 90s not probably not.. these days if it's multiple users etc then I'd argue yes especially if it's on a corporate network of any kind.

      At home though.. I'd personally probably not bother.

  6. AMBxx Silver badge

    Blackberry do AntiVirus?

    Never heard of it! How many people does this really affect?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Blackberry do AntiVirus?

      Cylance actually have a decent sized user base and got a lot of good press before they were bought by Blackberry and lost their key staff to SentinelOne. It was a fairly promising tool but they just failed to keep up the momentum and this is just more of the same.

  7. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    Cylance is not golden on this occasion.

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