1. kschrock


    Something very strange here... Tracking vaccinations, on the website - ourworldindata.org (which appears to be managed by Oxford) on 12/22/2020 the UK had done 800,000 vaccinations. On 12/31/2020 the number of vaccinations served in the UK was --- 800,000. ??? No vaccinations in almost 10 days? Wazzup?

  2. jake Silver badge


    Who knows. Winter Solstice was on the 21st this year, so it's not that ... Hang on, Shirley whoever is in charge of a scientific data website doesn't follow the made up to separate fools from their money latter-day holidays?

    Do you think we should tell him OurWorldInData is actually run by Global Change Data Lab, a registered charity? Or would that spoil the fun?

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